The Studio

At Powerhouse Pilates we welcome all ages and all fitness levels.  It is our goal to provide a safe, fun, engaging and rewarding movement experience each and every time you enter the studio.  We will guide you into appropriate classes and prepare you for success!  We feature, and love, Balanced Body equipment.


Questions you may have…..


I am not flexible. Can I do Pilates?

Yes, yes, yes! Pilates will help you gain flexibility. Rid your mind of the images of terminably flexible (is that a word?) super model types in pretzel like poses.  Although we have a few of those, please come as you are!

What is Powerhouse Barre?

Barre fitness is a fun, challenging, movin’ class set to music.  It incorporates exercises using the ballet barre, light free weights and various other props.  Powerhouse Barre is great on its own and even better combined with Pilates classes.  No tutus required and its ok if you have never done a plie in your life! This is a fitness class that sculpts a dancing physique.  Who doesn’t want one of those?!

Is there a membership requirement or monthly fee?

No. You may pay per class or purchase a series card (see pricing).  Series cards expire 6 months after the date of purchase.  Schedule your classes as they fit into your schedule.  You do not have to commit to weekly classes (although we always recommend committing), however, doing so ensures your spot week to week. We appreciate 24 hours notice for cancellation.

How do I get started?

We offer an Introductory Private Session Series of 3, 55 minute workouts, at a great price, that will expose you to formats from all classes.  If this isn’t in your budget, not a worry. Come to a Basic Mat class.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that allow you to move and stretch.  Form fitting clothes will allow you to move unencumbered but if that freaks you out :), whatever you would normally exercise in.  If you choose shorts, wear bike shorts or the like underneath.

What should I bring?

Just yourself and a willingness to experience movement perhaps like you never have before.  We provide mats, water and towels and a restroom for changing complete with hooks to hang clothes if needed.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer check or cash but can also accept credit cards.

Still unsure about whether Pilates is right for you or have more questions?

We would love to offer you a 15-20 minute free consultation to convince you that, YES, Pilates is right for everyone!  Seriously, we would love to talk with you.


What you can expect…..

Come ready to move!  Pilates is a workout as well as a mind, body experience.  We will challenge you to embrace both while improving your strength, stretch, stamina and stability.  Rest assured that you are in great hands with experienced teachers that can appropriately and safely navigate any challenges you may have in your body.