"In 10 sessions you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you will be on your way to having a whole new body." – Joseph Pilates

Welcome to Powerhouse Pilates!

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado. We offer a full range of Pilates classes and sessions as well as Powerhouse Barre Fitness. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your sport, a chronic sufferer of back pain, a new Mom recovering from childbirth, a golfer wanting to add some yardage to your drive, or want to get in the best shape of your life, you will find a place in our studio. We will teach you to find your bodies strength, stretch, stamina and stability. Our commitment to you is the same that Joseph Pilates made to his students, “In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty you will have a whole new body.” Call today to get started!

Mat Teacher Training

Love Pilates and want to start sharing it with others?  Join us for Powerhouse Mat I teacher training!  You will learn how to teach an energetic, flowing, classical Pilates Mat repertoire to groups or individuals.  See the Teacher Training page for more information and dates for 2020.

Services & Pricing

We offer Private and Semi-Private instruction as well as group classes all at our conveniently located Fort Collins, Colorado studio. Our group class schedule will continue to grow with exciting, energizing new classes!

Special Offers:

3 Mat Classes $40

1 Private, 2 Classes $95

Introductory Offer, 3 Privates $165


“Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.” – Joseph Pilates